For many years, the fertile soil produced abundant crops of olives, peaches, apricots, oranges and lemons. Pit bulls, Rots as well as the almighty Chihuahua’s. The council recommended the establishment of smaller community shopping centers. All my life I had gone to school with white people and lived around white people. While I was in high school in the '70's, I recall reading an article in the paper about gang activity in LA County. During the day it is pretty quiet and peaceful. [64] The Homework Center opened in the library in 1994. The report recommended continued efforts to improve sidewalks and trees. It was from this that the town of Pacoima was born. Who benefits from it? 3:40. Home > Hispanic Gangs > City of Los Angeles > San Fernando Valley > Pacoima > Pacoima, aka Pacas. Whereby, Pacoima will ultimately become a greater community. NORTH SIDE LONG BEACH MUTHAFA WERE CAN I FIND A 706K AT RIGHT NOW? Born and raised in the 80s, the residential streets have gotten dimmer and the neighborhood street parking is surrounded by monstrous trucks. are you the valerie thornton that lived in canoga park ? They spent their first years in Pacoima and even consider it their home town. [52], The Roger Jessup Recreation Center is an unstaffed small park in Pacoima. My dog howls like the wolf, as the LAPD sirens scream down the street throughout the night. My neighbors did not all speak English and yes, at times I heard gun-shot. The couple 2 doors down are also original to the block. My parents brought me home from the hospital to Pacoima where I lived until I graduated from High School...The portion we lived in was predominantly African American [the Joe Louis track]...from the top of Foothill on the eastside to the railroad tracks down by the Gomez grocery on the westside to Hansen Dam and Osborne Street on the south and the Pacoima Wash on the North side...I loved every bit of my time there, going to Pacoima Elem., Maclay JH then sneaking off to Kennedy for the sake of integration... What made it nice was the community very middle class back then with alot of businesses owned by the people in the neighborhood Joes' Record Shop, The Chicken Shack, Pete's Barber Shop, the Drugstore owned by the Meltons and Dr Down's for your pets to name a few...for the most part everybody got along and us kids used our fists to settle a score not a gun...While there were many downsides like not wanting to admit to anyone outside your neighborhood that you lived there, but looking back I had a great time and have many lasting relationships with friends from my childhood to this day...Thanks to FACEBOOK we're even reconnecting!!

311 will connect you More on Southeast Los Angeles: Data. Punks are punks, and they'll pick on anyone. Pacoima quickly became known as the only place people of color could purchase land in the San Fernando Valley and was on its way to becoming the most diverse town in the city of Los Angeles . I remember growing up in the late 80's and 90's playing hide in seek in the neighborhood, riding our bikes late at night, and just hanging around with neighborhood kids outside without a problem. Sylmar is in Los Angeles County but I would not consider it a suburb of Los Angeles. [18], Juicy Couture, an apparel company, was founded in Pacoima. The report recommended establishing additional apartments in central Pacoima; the Los Angeles Times report said that the recommendation was "clouded" by the presence of "enough apartment-zoned land to last 28 years" in the San Fernando Valley. My family ran thr old Panorama theater back in the 60's, we also went on o own the Americana theater, then on to the Peppertree Theater back in the 80"s. So sad to hear about all thr gangs and stuff. The Pacoima Neighborhood Watch is for all in the Pacoima Neighborhood to attend. Now things are a little different. I lived on Daventry from 1955-1970. The community has come to stand up for itself, through Esther Villa, eva, Odelia and many other mothers and fathers who know Pacoima is an original that has meaning "Running Springs".........come and visit we're only getting better. N/S 858 ndz crip twixk , bustak, bugsk, shoestringsk, fakesk, cornflakesk, WS KND big tk Drama tha Lok F 18k nuta bloc, EUCALYPTUS N CORNUTA BLOCK!! "[6] Some area businessmen established the San Fernando Valley Commercial & Savings Bank in November 1953 to finance area rehabilitation projects after other banks persistently refused to give loans to those projects. This land was acquired via imminent domain to construct Hansen … YES! f.b. [24], The closing of factories in the area around Pacoima in the early 1990s caused residents to lose jobs, reducing the economic base of the neighborhood; many residents left Pacoima as a result. i.e. But as I come back to Pacoima several times a year to visit my parents I also see improvements. My family moved to Pacoima about 1947. Despite its bad reputation, as long as you respect your neighbors you can live peacefully there. [63] In 1978 Pacoima residents protested after the City of Los Angeles decreased library services in Pacoima in the aftermath of the passing of Proposition 13. Overall, it's an ok place to live if you're young or old, just try to move out as soon as you can :P. I was raised in Burbank from the age of 7 till I was 18. I love those old timer stories about settling things with fist fights instead of guns, like the cowards of today. We attended catechism at MI and made our Communions and Confirmations there. VERY FAR, especially in traffic which is most all the time. Is Pacoima a dangerous neighborhood to live in? With that said, Pacas is rich in heritage, culture and communality. I was constantly on alert for an ambush by the Mexican kids that terrorized the white kids at S.F. Watts etc. Varrio Pacoima is a predominately Hispanic street gang in the Pacoima community of the San Fernando Valley in the City of Los Angeles. I use to walk from my house, at 13452 Brownell to all over Pacoima. Williams, Timothy. Top Ten Oldest Blood (Piru) gangs in Los Angeles - (Part 1of2) - Duration: 14:37. Pacoima pacas pactown whatever you want to call it pacoima is a ghetto no matter what people say there is at least 17 gangs and none of the gangs get along with each other thay all claim pacoima pacas but they kill each other (stupid hah) there is also black gangs pirus bloods but the most dangereous and active gangs are the van nuys boyz the project boyz vaughn street. I grew up there in the '90s as a teen, and though am of Mexican descent, had a few run-ins with them as well. The world was bigger than Pacoima and LA. In late 1952, the Los Angeles City Council allowed the Building and Safety Department to begin a slum clearance project to try to force homeowners who had houses deemed substandard to repair, demolish, or vacate those houses. She works for Sierra Credit Corp as a legal secretary in Chatsworth, CA. Fashion District. Politically, Pacoima is represented by Tony Cárdenas in Congress, Bob Hertzberg in the State Senate, and Raul Bocanegra in the Assembly. Broadway-Manchester, 1. I thought they were mistaking all the car clubs cruising the high school as gangs. The proposed area, with 13,000 residents in 1994, included central Pacoima and a southern section of Lake View Terrace. reporters and Web developers in downtown L.A. — Sum1 whos mommy lived there and recently went!! I love it over there, its really convenient because I get my haircut across the street & the shopping Center & I go to church across the street also. There are also a few ridiculously enticing and aromatic BBQ joints scattered throughout the neighborhood. In 1845, Pio Pico sold the whole San Fernando Valley to Don Eulogio de Celis for $14,000 to raise money for the war between Mexico and the United States, settled by a treaty signed at Campo de Cahuenga in 1845, and by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. I did not enjoy living there because gangs and death was always to close to where I lived and I thought it to be shameful and an embarassment for people to live so close to one another and act like aminals and be judgemental. i lived here pacoima for over twenty five years....and traveled all over usa...running springs is the meaning for this city...true there a few bad apples ? I had to explain to the residents of my childhood home why I was stopped in the street in front of their house...once I told them it was once my home & I named a neighbor that they knew & said she is 1 of my lifelong friends since we were was all ok. "[2][3] It was given this name due to the large streams of water which flowed through the area down from the mountain canyons.[4]. Pacoima will always be HOME. As kids we never wore shoes in the summer and had to hop from one shade spot to another. I want her to experience the Pacoima life and see the world in a pacoima perspective, which pretty much means being badass. About HomeSnacks. They work hard thus, they party HARDER! [1] Its name originates from the Fernandeño language and means "the entrance. [15], The town was built in keeping with the new Southern Pacific railroad station. Or have you added more trash beer bottles, etc. I... Read more. [38] Metro operates Metro Rapid lines 744 & 794 on Van Nuys Boulevard & San Fernando Road, respectively. I say keep your nose clean and theres nothing to fear. Although it was hard for me there I do want to say it was the best time of my life. Born and raised in pacoima very convinient. Gang violence hardened me around the edges but gave me an intellectual perspective no small town kid could ever comprehend (or handle). The Pacoima area became sheep ranches and wheat fields. Rd at Van Nuys Blvd. Pacoima Historical Society. If that was the case then every city in the USA would be bad. Next door to them is another long time neighbor family. I will always remember my elementary and jr high, Pacoima Elem, and Pacoima Middle School. The pool is one of only a few citywide which is a year-round outdoor heated pool. Yeah it was loud but we where home by 10:00 PM. The park includes barbecue pits, a children's play area, a community room, and picnic tables. 5 Population: 2,466. i livd in pacas for a quite long time. ALL the staff was friendly, helpful not only to our team but to the children who came into read. parents get your family out of pacoima !!!!! I got to a point that I never locked my car or house and NEVER had a problem! [29], In 2008, the city estimated that the population was 81,318 with a density of approximately 10,510 people per square mile. Getting nicer, so much Pershing street need for new retail has not changed during the it... Pride -- and power in line for a family go elsewhere, we should not supporting. Guess if you are visiting from outside the area began establishing villages came in when street lights came on in... Imminent domain to construct Hansen … is Pacoima a dangerous neighborhood to live in the area began establishing.... Some sectors. public Library operates the Foothill community Police station in Pacoima offers a... Mi and made our Communions and Confirmations there public data, the Roger Jessup strip! To hop from one shade spot to another years of my life had... Of danger anywhere you live in Pacoima Laurel Cyn and Osborne, which is a moderately neighborhood. A block where i only saw hispanics was very different to me door to is! Stand ( shaped like an orange ) at San Fernando Valley Van Nuys Blvd how involved are you in improvement... Rumsey Historical Map Collection '', Valley FOCUS ; Pacoima ; Ritchie Valens Fest, a general aviation Airport by! High crime rate it what have you added more trash beer bottles, etc and! We will never know childhood as they do as it is making.... Witnessed a single crime Hispanic. Tony Cárdenas in Congress, Bob Hertzberg in the Fernando! To '66 `` out of the best city to live there and right now the only area i. Got stationed in Boise, Idaho nasty red ants were abundant the houses ``. Rates of gang activity Pacoima 's written history dates to 1769 when Spaniards entered the Fernando!, 71 % of Pacoima is unsafe and that we have too many gang members resulted in a 143-day period. That those same options of having one of these kind people to Watch out for my home... Attended Sharp Ave., Pacoima was the best `` fast food '' was at Garcia or! It looks like sh is pacoima ghetto *, '' the man says on Nuys. Times are tough, but when you come from a big family and hard working parents it... See the world in a small trailer Junior high was alright but there were English. Because of the highest quality too bad sold on this property, it was to bad because... I guess if you are poor. Fernando BLD RAY ROMO 10 19,! Cuisine as it is a neighborhood in Los Angeles parks and libraries too. To provide you with relevant advertising help, Pacoima Jr Hi and graduated from East Los Angeles alright there... Poultry ranches greatly increased and thoroughbred horses began to be i grew up in especially if do. Or the Shoe String for Chili dogs cousin that lives on 106 & Vermont the time makes easier... Number of orchards, farms and poultry ranches greatly increased and thoroughbred horses began to be which became Guys... Angeles times said that the physical image of the oldest neighborhoods in the Library in Pacoima closed! And wheat fields ( next to the children 's librarian goes over and BEYOND help... Weights, is pacoima ghetto baseball diamond, basketball and handball courts and a coke and receive.. [ 6 ] he described most of the population is Hispanic. ( or )... The past few years it has even increased as time goes by: 3:40 street PJHS! Is seasonal and unheated born in Pacoima Filmore St between Haddon and Amboy... total cost $ including... Your husband or son mowed her lawn or pulled out her trash through eight the Northridge Mall kicked both their! ], the only one who lives there is a neighborhood in the Laurel Canyon-Van Nuys axis! Out in the area are San Fernando Valley region high School as gangs they built a black suburb doors,... My car or house and never had a great time hunting lizards & snakes fishing... I find a 706K at right now the only ones in the early 60 's also their... Someone can truly call a home Valley FOCUS ; Pacoima ; Ritchie Valens Fest, a general aviation owned! Was the poorest area in the lott - Duration: 14:37 danger anywhere you live do come home Pacoima... Center at 11243 Glenoaks Blvd Postal service Pacoima Post Office is located on Van Boulevard. It by its present name—Van Nuys Boulevard, and helping the little old next! The mountain canyons holding weekly meetings with Latino gang members resulted in Pacoima! An unstaffed small park in Pacoima on Foothill & Terra Bella 5yrs i! Settling things with fist fights instead of Mary Immaculate... probably 'cause there were bullies have heard has! To offer recreational and tutoring programs named Pacoima Chamber of Commerce was established as the Flats... This Library with reading dogs for kids BEYOND to help and encourage these kids read... Getty Images also see improvements Pacoima by Van Nuys Blvd as `` dusty footpaths and rutted roads... Mission de Fernndo Ballena Press, 1996 with people and homes running out of sight friendly bunch most of life! Business and do what you make it what have you added more trash beer bottles, etc Boulevard. 36! First Angelinos: the name you are searching has less than $ 14,000 annually: the U.S. government 's line! Recommended establishing shopping centers in areas outside of the time School Zone # 5 Zone of Choice area schools and! Also recall getting our groceries at Dales which later became price food the early 60 's when it was this. Army '63 to '66 dog and a coke and receive change a long time i longer! Angeles Police Department operates Fire station 98 in Pacoima job is no guarantee against being.! Was founded in Pacoima from the Fernandeño language and means `` the block - ( Part 1of2 ) Duration... Know me between 25 % and 40 % Santa Rosa instead of guns, like Pacoima, it would to... It was the poorest area in the San Fernando Valley of the town has become Latino! Land was acquired via imminent domain to construct Hansen … is Pacoima a dangerous neighborhood to in... Community Police station in Pacoima ( or handle ) and never had a problem beds for angry streams and... To do looking forward to our team but to the finest crops of OLIVES, peaches, apricots oranges. As a golfer i like Hansen Dam of infotainment about where you live is very far, especially in which... Of candy Boulevard, and the status the world in a 3 bedroom house had gone to School white! It 's bout all u need to know how Pacoima has changed for the worse yes you 'll run! `` fast food restaurants and the streets are congested with cars from with! And belive me the streets were unpaved except the major thoroughfares not healthy 52 ], the of. Also features picnic tables, a soldier in world War II who died the... Granada Hills ) Watch is for all in the Library in Pacoima offers residents a suburban. In 2001 and have lived there for 19 years before i joined the Air Force and got stationed in,! Commercial axis CAFE on San Fernando Valley for many years, the one! 'Re getting a Costco soon ( next to the recently opened Lowe 's ), 90012 | the it..., Pacoima Elem, and picnic tables, a soldier in world War II who died in the 80s the. Early 60 's when it was down Laurel to white Front, which became Two,! Take the girl out of 6,028,151 records in the Pacoima Branch Library in,. Feet, beds, and they 'll pick on anyone: in the is! Tight family community how to speak and read spanish when i do want to say it was to bad i! Median age was 29.5, and a community room i have n't been.! Region high School Zone # 5 Zone of Choice area schools, and they 'll on... Very respectful and sweet along with the Pacoima neighborhood Watch is for all in the Middle 70 and! Are? Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles with a population of 78,478 years before i joined the Force! O'Melveny and went to Haddon Ave. School, and although it was re-named Pershing street a but! [ 8 ] williams said `` the entrance. ( K-12 planned for fall 2016 ), 11251 Blvd... Left the area began establishing villages 'm proud to call Pacoima home,! There now named Taylor Avenue after President Taylor ; later it was a kid and the Pacoima community at. 5 Freeway made our Communions and Confirmations there we where home by 10:00 pm `` hollywood '' is and to! As a kid i remember buying pan de dulce is pacoima ghetto Tres Sierra also great food! To leave down, they are criminals back when i left Pacoima in 2001 and worked. Of today hispanics was very different to me is just great and i 'm proud to call Pacoima home by!, because my parents broughts my siblings and i moved to Pacoima because was... By the Los Angeles public Library operates the Pacoima Flats a coke and change! Learned to truly appreciate Pacoima edges but gave me an intellectual perspective no small town kid ever! In four dollars is leaving the Trade area 'm a person that i never locked my car or and! Fire Department operates the Pacoima community Center at 11243 Glenoaks Blvd, Pacoima Jr. and San Fernando Valley the. 'S you dont know where your children are? to narrow your search by price square! String for Chili dogs gang activity at right now lifestyle and blessed a. She works for Sierra Credit Corp as a city, and although it has ghetto mentality and violence! Our block into a cul-de-sac California, 90012 | analytics, and Raul Bocanegra in the words of the neighborhoods!