Add to that the use of non-renewable fossil fuels in its creation and ridding plastics comes top on eco-friendly fashion … We’re also seeing a lot of brands, ethical or not, saying they use cardboards, recycled or recyclable packaging when shipping online orders. What is eco-friendly packaging? Another of our faves, Whimsy + Row, sends out products in 100% recycled and recyclable boxes that are pretty enough to reuse, too! It is used in many different products and highly resistant. In fact, in 2016, in the EU alone, total packaging waste amounted to nearly 87 millions tonnes (much of which was plastic), which is about 170 kg per person! The bags are made by The Better Packaging Company from cornstarch and synthetic polymers. The good news is some fashion brands have started looking at compostable packaging: New-Zealand-based Maggie Marilyn, for example, packages her garments using ComPlast, a cassava-based compostable bag. He founded Panaprium to inspire others with conscious living, ethical, and sustainable fashion. It is safe and highly sustainable since it can be recovered and reused again and again. education Sustainability is at the essence of everything we do here at Seaman Paper. Spell & the Gypsy Collective. We offer a wide variety of eco-friendly garment options including organic cotton, hemp and bamboo fabrics. What is sustainable … If the brand doesn’t provide specific instructions on the disposal of their packaging, chances are it’s not as simple as it seems. Eco-friendly packaging, coupled with sustainable package design, is a potent combination. But things are starting to change, and more eco-friendly alternatives are starting to appear. You can ask for a paper bag or, even better, bring your own reusable bag. Made from uncoated print grade card … Wear the change you want to see. There are 10928 eco friendly packaging for sale on Etsy, and they cost $12.73 on … These can be reused for storing things or to organise your bag when travelling. Designed by Mind Design. A lot of fashion... GCNYC New Sustainable Fashion M.S. Sign up for email updates to keep up with Panaprium stories and product launches. The science behind our eco-friendly garment bags. Zalando just launched a new sustainable fashion collection called "Small Steps. It has a much greater thickness and durability that normal paper. Packaging for Apparel. 20 Best Affordable Stores For Eco-Living Products, 20 Best Affordable And Organic Hemp Clothing Brands, Unique Take Of Prince Charles On Ethical Fashion, All You Need To Know About Bamboo Lyocell Fabric, awareness Companies that care about their environmental impact often make good usage of this idea for Eco-friendly packaging. Nowadays, it has become much clearer that the clothing industry must make efforts to introduce sustainable packaging choices. Get best quality custom shirt packaging boxes from us which will protect your product from all the possible damages. It allows us to display the design and set the product apart from the competition. However, that doesn’t mean you can dispose of your compostable packaging wherever you like. Reformation is also paving the way for other sustainable brands: it uses plastic-free and 100% recycled paper products, as well as recycled paper hangers. Using eco-friendly packaging demonstrates to your customers that you care deeply about the environment and are doing your part to to reduce your carbon footprint. The most eco-friendly way to package a shirt was not to print on the packaging at all but use embossing instead.