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Wireless SCADA Solutions for Africa

The official representative for Miri Technologies International, for the supply and implementation of remote monitoring and control telemetry & SCADA systems throughout the African continent.

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live dashboards of a project we are running in collaboration with Vangard Projects South Africa.

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Miri Telemetry Products

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Miri SA Services

Miri SA offers a wide Range of Services to clients in South Africa and Africa

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View some of Miri Africa’s successful SCADA Projects in South Africa and Africa

Miri Technologies Wireless SCADA solutions are applied extensively in many countries around the world

Miri Technologies Wireless SCADA solutions

Miri Telemetry Products

Official Miri Agent in Africa for Telemetry Modules, Data Radios, Solar Powered Assemblies and Antennae

Telemetry Modules

The AD2000 Series - advanced Telemetry Modules which offer PLC functionality and PID control, multiple communications options and a digital on-board data radio for optimum performance.

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Solar Powered Assemblies

We offer a range of complete solar powered assemblies which can be modified to suit your individual requirements.

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High quality data radios - These products can be used in conjunction with our telemetry modules or as a stand alone product.

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Antennas and accessories, desktop radio path analysis and site surveys to meet the requirements of most radio based solutions.

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Official Miri Agent in Africa for Telemetry Modules, Data Radios, Solar Powered Assemblies and Antennae

Miri Technologies has accumulated a vast client base worldwide including BHP Billiton, Chevron, Northern Territory (Australia) Fire Alarm System, Anglo Ashanti and hundreds of water and power utilities around the world.

With technology driven expansions in the mining, power and water management sectors in Africa, the need for support on the African continent has become paramount. Miri Technologies Africa – together with long-term partners Vangard Projects – will provide a remote monitoring & control telemetry system and SCADA solutions for any application.

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