Vangard Products

Vangard Projects has sourced the best and most effective products from various suppliers, both local and international, to be able to offer a world class implementation of services.

Please have a look at some of the products we are familiar with and make use of during the course of our business.  More information on any of the product below can be obtained by contacting us.


Vangard Instrumentation

A product of Vangard Projects Instrumentation Tools

Vangard Projects provides all instrumentation associated with the field of automation and control, ranging from pressure, level, flow, temp, load, stress, chemical analysis, water quality and power monitoring

Miri AD2000 Telemetry System

A product of Miri Technologies

MIRI Technologies is a world leader in remote monitoring & control solutions. The AD2000 Series Integrated RTU/PLC/Data-Logger devices are “Three-In-One PLUS” remote monitoring and control modules suitable for telemetry SCADA systems. Some of the key features are:

  • RTU functionality for remote monitoring and control
  • PLC control functionality
  • Logging functionality with date and time stamping
  • Gateway to incorporate 3rd party devices into one telemetry network

Please feel free to browse the below technical data sheets for more in-depth knowledge on the Miri AD2000 telemetry solution along with some of the available communications devices.

MultiTrode Intelligent Pump Management System

A product of Multitrode

MultiTrode is a design and manufacturing company with over 25 years in the pumping management business. Their products simplify pumping applications and improve operational efficiencies., with their out of the box product specifically for water industry pumping applications eliminating need for expensive Maintenance Technicians or Engineers. MultiSmart provides all pump station control, communications and data requirements in one box eliminating complex internal protocols from switchboards. With reduced energy consumption, it will help organisations achieve their “Carbon Reduction Commitment” by 20% by 2020, and reduce whole of life costs (Capex and Opex)

XiLog+ Data Loggers

A product of Primayer

XiLog+ series is a range of remote GPRS data loggers available. Every logger can be programmed for GPRS or SMS communications. It is available in single to nine channel models for use with a wide variety of sensors for monitoring water networks. Transmission period can be set from 15 minutes to 24 hours. The state-of-the-art antenna enables XiLog+ to operate from below ground in most locations

Adroit SCADA

A product of Adroit Technologies

Over the past couple of decades, technology has changed the face of the industrial world. Adroit Technologies has combined 20 years of real-time software development experience to bring you a promise of making technology work for you

ABB & Rockwell Drives and Switchgear

A product of Rockwell Automation

Vangard Projects being known as one of the leaders in MCC panel manufacturing, we only use top quality brand name soft starts and switchgear. We keep a verity of stock in house on all components related to motor control centres

Moeller Automation and Power Distribution

A product of Moeller Group

The Moeller Group, is one of the leading global suppliers of electrical and automation components and products dedicated to power distribution in residential and industrial applications

Mitsubishi Automation and Drives

A product of Mitsubishi Automation

Mitsubishi VSD’s are known worldwide for its efficiency, energy saving and reliable new generation drives. With the vast range of Mitsubishi Variable Speed Drive’s suited for any application, Vangard Projects has partnered with Mitsubishi as a registered channel partner to provide the user with the best solution.

Please click here to view the video that proves the existing power saving functionality of Mitsubishi VSD’s.

Mitubishi PLC and HMI’s

A product of Mitsubishi Automation