Vangard Services

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From software and technical documentation to SCADA integrations and hardware supplies, Vangard Projects services are professional, scalable and reliable. Through our trusted suppliers you are garuanteed a solution that is not only affordable but one which meets your needs.

If you require any further information regarding any of the services we offer, please contact us.


Vangard's engineering and consulting services include the following:

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Project design and engineering
  • Electrical control panels design
  • Project management
  • Professional consulting services
  • System integration


In line with the implementation of our services and products there is a need for software engineering and design to be integrated. We are well versed in the industries and have specialist consultants and support technicians available for each project ensuring the delivery of:

  • Efficient software solutions
  • Custom PC software programs
  • PLC programming
  • Embedded micro-controller design & development
  • PCB development, design & manufacture
  • Database solutions


Vangard Projects specialises in the implementation of System integrators for InTouch and Adroit SCADA

  • Our SCADA implementation includes:
  • Accurate alarming
  • Historical trending and data storage
  • Video clips to show moving parts
  • Photographic stills to show component details
  • Interactive online technical manuals
  • 3-D mimics
  • Database management and scripting
  • Customized report generation using commercially available tools


Vangard Projects offers the following Network Solutions and services:

  • Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks
  • Web Servers & Web Hosting
  • Wireless networks & communications
  • Optical fiber installations & splicing
  • Supply of network equipment


In the course of our operations there is a need for Instrumentation installation and supply. Here are a few examples of what we are able to offer:

  • Pressure & level measurement
  • Chemical analysis
  • Power monitoring and control
  • Temperature measurement
  • Weight & strain measurement
  • Flow measurement


Through much of our dealings and having learned from experience, we are able to provide affordable hardware for all our installations including but not limited to:

  • All major PLC's
  • PC's & Servers
  • Telemetry Monitoring & Remote Control Solutions
  • Data Radios & Total Network Solutions
  • Data Loggers
  • Panel Manufacture


Due to the equipment and services we provide, often there is a need to refer to a handbook or wiring diagram to troubleshoot any issues you may experience. We will provide all clients with a range of helpers including:

  • Accurate technical manuals
  • Operator handbooks
  • Online manuals
  • Panel layouts & as built drawings
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Wiring diagrams & I/O scheduled

Despite this being a service, we are also available and provide ongoing aftersales support to all customers.


Vangard Projects is no stranger to the manufacturing and design of systems, as well as their integration, for our clients.

  • Electrical MCC & PLC panels
  • Cabling, cable trays & ducting
  • Instrumentation
  • Optical fiber networks
  • 12 month warranty on equipment & workmanship


Vangard Projects is a registered Partner or agent for the following systems and equipment:

  • MIRI AD2000 Series Telemetry Systems
  • MultiSmart Intelligent Pump Management Systems
  • Allen Bradley, ANN, Moeller & Siemens Integrators
  • Adroit SCADA
  • Wonderware InTouch SCADA