Vangard Projects

Need Data Acqusition, Telemetry or SCADA Solutions - Use Vangard Projects.

Vangard’s highlights

August 1999 – A company is born
  • With not much more than a few tools and a soldering station, Dirk van der Vorst, the
    founder of Vangard Projects, started the journey in a home garage situated in
    Sunward Park Boksburg, South Africa
June 2001 – Innovation Pioneers
  • Vangard successfully implements the first telemetry systems ever done using a PLC.
    This solution driven innovation was recognised by PLC OEM’s, and is the result of
    most telemetry products we see in the market today
March 2004 – Hard work pays off
  • A product that’s been in its R&D phase since Vangard Projects start up was rolled
    out. Today, over 350 hospital oxygen tanks are being monitored remotely, with “fillup” requests automatically being communicated to the main depo’s
  • A product spinoff, is also the monitoring of methane gasses around drilling machines
    in coal mine’s. Over 1000 units have been distributed and installed across the
    African and North American Continents.
January 2006 – The beginning of forming strategic partnerships
  • Vangard starts the long journey with the worldwide recognised telemetry solution,
    Miri Technologies
March 2011 – Spreading our wings
  • Vangard opens its new workshop and office In Riverside, Nelspruit
February 2012 – Starting to do the “big stuff”
  • Vangard design, manufacture and installation of its first containerised Motor Control
  • Since, Vangard has supplied over 20 different clients with containerised substations
    and MCC’s up into Africa
July 2016 – Complete Process Solution
  • Vangard Projects was awarded their first project for the full electrical, C&I and
    SCADA on a new Waste Water Treatment plant in Swaziland.
  • Since then, Vangard has successfully completed a number of water and wastewater
    treatment plants
September 2017 – History in the making
  • Vangard Projects was awarded to design and implement the largest telemetry &
    SCADA system in Africa ever done in a single appointment.
March 2021 – To infinity and beyond
  • Vangard Projects partner with Ashwood Roos for company restructuring,
    development and 10 year vision plan implementation.