Let us be your solutions partner.


We offer full holistic project management & execution in terms of the full electrical vertical intergration
Let us be your solutions partner.


Vangard Projects provides a wide range of engineering and consulting service solutions including:

Engineering & Consulting Services

• Turnkey solutions
• Project design and engineering
• Electrical control panels design
• Project management
• Professional consulting services
• System integration

Network Solutions and services:

• Replacement of VT's and CT's
• Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks
• Web Servers & Web Hosting
• Wireless networks & communications
• Optical fiber installations & splicing
• Supply of network equipment


Turnkey solutions:

It is developed by a team of experts, who design and develop a feasible solution based on their high levels of competence and experience in the field.

The turnkey solution meets the standards and requirements set by the organization that commissions it or requires the service.

By the time the turnkey solution is complete, it is deemed to be completely aligned to the organizational needs and project requirements, all bases are covered and every element of the solution has been rigorously tested and interrogated. Activating it is as simple as turning a key in the ignition of a car.

Project Design:

The first step toward a successful project is to design it. A project design is a method of organising ideas, materials, and processes in order to achieve a specific goal. Project managers rely on smart design to avoid mistakes and offer parameters to keep key components of the project, such as the project timeline and budget, on track.


Some people make the mistake of rushing through the basic stages of a project, such as a project design. Any seasoned project manager will tell you that the more effort you put into the front-end of a project, the better the backend results will be.

Electrical Control panel design:

Any evolution within control panel design and manufacturing will result in a follow-on evolution within production facilities, therefore benefiting not only panel builders, but the end users or machine builders.


If panel design, panel manufacturing processes and human interaction with panels can be innovated by way of new products, wiring techniques and technologies, then control panel manufacturing becomes simpler and makes a huge leap forward in terms of efficiency. Starting with our shared Value Design for Panel *1 concept for control panel product specification, we look to offer control panel evolution and process innovation for our customers.

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Summary of Vangard Projects wide range of engineering and consulting service solutions .

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More Services we offer.

From software and technical documentation to SCADA integrations and hardware supplies, Vangard Projects services are professional, scalable and reliable. Through our trusted suppliers you are garuanteed a solution that is not only affordable but one which meets your needs.


Monitor and Control Services

Monitor and Control Service Solutions from Telemetry Monitoring & Remote-Control Solutions, to Data Radios & Total Network Solutions.

Industrial Low Voltage

Industrial Low Voltage  Solutions. Electrical MCC & PLC panels, cabling, cable trays, and so much more.

Medium Voltage & Protections

Medium Voltage & Protections Solutions. Electrical MCC & PLC panels, cabling, cable trays, and so much more.

- Our Values are as simple -
- Our Values are as simple -

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